RIVAL CONSOLES A SEXTO ‘NPLUGGED IL 28.07.22 + English version

Dopo il recupero del concerto di Cat Power a giugno, entra nel vivo la diciassettesima edizione di Sexto ‘Nplugged, da giovedì a domenica nella Piazza Castello di Sesto al Reghena con Rival Consoles, Agnes Obel, Arab Strap, Black Midi.  

Giovedì salirà sul palco di Sexto per l’unica data italiana Rival Consoles, nome d’arte del musicista elettronico Ryan Lee West, che lo scorso dicembre ha pubblicato il suo ultimo ambizioso album intitolato “Overflow”, composto per una produzione di danza con lo stesso nome, creata dal coreografo Alexander Whitley. A differenza dei precedenti lavori, più intimisti, questo disco ha voluto aprirsi all’esterno ed esplorare le ripercussioni che una vita circondata da dati, social media e pubblicità può subire a livello umano ed emotivo: la rottura del sé a favore del marketing che mira a ottenere ricchezza e a seminare divisione. La musica di Rival Consoles compare anche nella serie Netflix “Black Mirror” che condivide le tematiche trattate dal musicista britannico nel nuovo disco: «La tecnologia modella quello che facciamo e il modo in cui esprimiamo noi stessi, dobbiamo renderci conto di quanto siamo perduti in questo meccanismo, anche se magari a volte ci sembra una fonte di conforto». «Il concerto a Sexto – prosegue – sarà un viaggio di esplorazione emozionale dalle diverse tinte, coprendo una vasta gamma dal leggero al pesante e dalla luce all’oscurità». 

«Seguo diversi compositori elettronici italiani – aggiunge – come Lorenzo Senni, Alessandro Cortini, Caterina Barbieri e poi, è scontato dirlo, Morricone sarà sempre fonte di ispirazione per me». Il segreto del successo per Rival Consoles? «Pazienza e determinazione, circondarsi di persone creative, credo nei piccoli passi che portano lontano. Oggi sono orgoglioso che la mia musica abbia aiutato persone in difficoltà». La data è realizzata in collaborazione con Scenasonica e vedrà in apertura alle 21 Ginevra Nervi compositrice, cantautrice, produttrice genovese, nel 2021 è stata nominata ai David di Donatello per la migliore canzone originale; quest’anno ha musicato il documentario Sky Arte “Dante, Fuga Dagli Inferi” e sta lavorando al suo album “The Disorder Of Appearances”.

Elisa Russo, Il Piccolo 26 Luglio 2022 

Il Messaggero Veneto 27 Luglio 2022

1.      You’ll be in Italy soon… What do you know/think about our  

country/culture and do you know of any italian artists/bands?

I think everyone loves Italy – I have been lucky to travel around many places there and enjoy the amazing food and history. I am into quite a few contemporary Italian electronic composers like Lorenzo Senni, Alassandro Cortini, and Caterina Barbieri – as well as classic works from the 60s and 70s. And of course, even though it may sound obvious: Morricone is a massive inspiration to me and always will be. 

2.      What can fans expect to see at your Italian show at Sexto ‘Nplugged  

on July 28th? What experience or impact would an audience member take  

away from your live show?

An exploration of emotional ambient works and contrasting pieces of energy through many moods and colours. I like to cover a wide range of light/heavy and bright/dark. Hopefully creating a journey for the listener.  

3.      Let’s talk about “Overflow”. What was the thinking behind this  

album? [I read it explores the repercussions that a life surrounded by  

data, social media and advertising can suffer on a human and emotional  


The piece is about how data effects our lives, especially the hidden ways our data is used and analysed and how that shapes society for good and bad. 

4.      You’ve scored an episode of “Black Mirror” so, somehow the theme of  

“Overflow” recurred in your work, doesn’t it?

Black Mirror and Overflow share a lot in common in terms how technology shapes what we do and how we express ourselves, I think the main thing is how lost we are in all of this, even though they attempt to comfort us. 

5.      What devices or techniques do you use to communicate your message  

non verbally?

My music has a lot in common with classical music in that it mainly explores tension in melody and harmony, I like to create story with this and electronic music is very abstract so there is so much colour/texture that can be used to guide this. 

6.      How much are you thinking about the tour when you’re making a record?

The main focus is trying to make music interesting with human expression, usually it takes me a long time to notice how everything connects and fits together so for me it is a slow process of understanding how things work in the studio and then live. But I usually notice simple details which become powerful live,  as the more simple moments are often more playful and versatile in a performance setting. 

7.      What made you gravitate toward your chosen path? Was it an artist,  

a song, a record, an event?

I have always been obsessed with making in general, so if it wasn’t music it would have been something else, painting, writing, film etc. I do especially love music because it can be very emotional yet it is very abstract at the same time. I am drawn to arts that move me: the power of music is that it makes us feel things and I try for my music to explore this. 

8.      What would your advice be for emerging artists who are trying to  

break through in a similar sphere?

I think the most important thing is to have great determination and patience, getting to a place that is where you want to be generally requires years and years of hard work dedication. So it is very important to try and not be too jaded by your “progress” in the beginning. I am a big believer in the accumulation of many small steps forward, so rather than expecting big things to happen, concentrate on building slowly. Also try to be amongst like minded creative people. 

9.      What would you say has been the hardest part of your musical  

journey so far? And the best part?

I think it is difficult to make art that you really care about, as it is so easy to simply make but to express yourself with art I think is actually very difficult, mainly because of all the distractions in both technology and the art that surrounds us. The best part for me is that my music often helps people with depression or anxiety or grief, and it makes me proud to know that my music has helped people in difficult situations. 

10.     What’s happening next, is there anything upcoming and in the works  


There will be new music released this year, which I am very excited about. The first piece of which is called ‘Echoes’ which I released last month. (Link: https://idol-io.link/Echoes)


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